Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why Alternative?

Dear Reader,

Here comes 'Alternative- Paryaya'. Alternative means Paryaya. To grow day by day we couldn’t stick to something, we must search for alternative, and then only we can grow.

Look at this example: Two persons come from opposite directions and start quarrel for the same way. Both of them want the other person should give way to him. At that time third person comes. He saw the quarrel for the same way. He decides to choose some other way instead of quarreling with them as third party. He picks alternative way and continues his journey.

This is way of thinking is Alternative- Paryaya, a novel way to solve ticklish problems. To solve the energy problem we can select the Paryaya way of Solar or wind power, instead of chemical fertilizers to our farms we can go for Savayava, even in Savayava we can go for Liquid fertilizers like Jeevamruta, for solving water problem in villages as well as in cities we can go for rain water harvesting instead of bore wells, to get good price for our farm products we should try to value addition of our products. Isn’t it?

So come, let us go in this new way for new thoughts, especially regarding farmer problems, environment problems and developmental and humanitarian and consumer issues and of course any other issues touches our society.

'Alternative-Paryaya' also wants its readers to update their knowledge on various issues and seeks your contribution in this direction. Will you join your hands with 'Alternative-Paryaya'?

You can write in English for 'Alternative- Paryaya' and 'Alternative' will publish them in English.

We start with the information on a novel effort by Sri Raghaveshwar Bharati Swamji of Sri Ramachandrapur Mutt, Hosanagar to protect and conserve Indian Breed of Cows with the intention of prospering our rural area and providing healthy life to the Society. He termed his campaign as ‘Second Freedom Struggle of India’. We hope you appreciate it.

So come, let us walk together in Paryaya-Alternative Way.

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