Thursday, September 24, 2009

Benefits of Gaumata (Cow)

Benefits of Gaumata (Cow)

This is the mail I received from Rohit Khisti. He pointed out the benifits from Cows and sent a vidio appeared in Youtube.

Rohit says ' If we can prove to people about benefits of gaumata, campaign on tv commercials about benefits of gaumata, then i think that will also help our farmers as well cow protection.
Few points would be:

1) Biogas plant. This will eliminate expense on Household LPG Cylinder ( Approximate 5000 Rs per year )

2) Milk & Dairy Products.

3) Fertilizers from Cow dung for Farming

Lets explore & start working on it. Drop of water helps to fill up the dam, so lets start contributing as drop of water in the activity..Dont get bugged up with political decisions, non gaumata followers etc.

In the Video here Chaitanya Kumar, Hyderabad city coordinator for Indian Youth Climate Network, explains the simple beauty of a biogas plant in a village nearby to Hyderabad.

Just go through it.

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